We offer accommodation at schools (view mapstarting on Friday 2pm until Sunday 8am. We request our accommodated guests to consider the others at schools as well as the citizens of Trnava especially at night. Boys and girls will be accommodated separately. Please respect it. We ask you to leave your accommodation before 8am on Sunday.

Festival Lumen is not responsible for your own belongings in case of loss. Thank you.

(HERE) You can buy an XL ticket. You can buy an XL ticket at INFO-POINT during the festival for 16€.

If you have bought an XL ticket online, you need to change it for an actual wristband.

  • If you have bought only an XL ticket, you can change it at the INFO-POINT
  • If you have bought an XL ticket and Accommodation, you will get your XL ticket at the accommodation (school)

Festival Lumen has a foodcourt at Trojičné námestie

We would like to ask all visitors to be kind to our environment and use garbage cans at all the places where Festival Lumen is held.

This zone, made for children and their parents is situated at Radničné nádvorie. Children are able to use attractions, playground and activities, while their parents can have a refreshment at Rehoľná kaviareň.

Those who would like to go to confession or maybe just talk to a priest can do so at Radničné nádvorie during both festival days.

First Aid is available during concerts at Trojičné námestie by the INFO-POINT and on the left side by the stage.

Visitors can use our cloakroom situated at Radničné nádvorie.

Opening hours:

Friday: 3pm – 12pm

Saturday: 8am – 11:30pm


You will need an ID card and 0,50€/day. Those who have XL ticket can use the cloakroom for free. (1 XL ticket = 1 piece of luggage)

We ask you to respect our staff members, physical barriers, corridors and marked paths at Trojičné námestie. Please mind the others when in crowd (do not push others, do not use umbrellas and do not smoke). We also ask you to be careful about your own belongings. Do not leave them behind. They can get damaged or stolen. In case of danger (witnessing thievery, drunk people etc.) please contact our staff members or Police that will be available at the festival. Drinking alcohol in public is forbidden in Trnava.

Since there are multiple cultural events happening in Trnava during our festival we recommend to come in afternoon hours on Friday and use the local parking lots or shopping centers to park your car.