About Festival


The Festival Lumen is full of gospel music, an unforgettable atmosphere, and pleasing gatherings. Festival Lumen takes place at the beginning of June in Trnava. Throughout its existence, it had become one of the biggest gospel festivals in middle Europe. This year we commemorate the 30th year anniversary. Festival Lumen held on Trinity Square in Trnava visits 8000 people every year. During the weekend they become part of the city, which provides them a temporary home. In recent years Festival Lumen developed the concept of a city music festival with charged zone, where participants can find many interesting workshops and other cultural events.


The main goal of Festival Lumen is to bring young people a good time, gatherings with friends, and quality gospel music, but mostly create time for them to feel the touch of God. Because of it, we try to reach out to all the youth, not only to those who believe in God. We want them to hear the testimony of other believers. We invite familiar personalities from the commercial world. Besides the main stage on Trinity Square, other events are held in the city ​​sports hall, in the areas of the town hall, or in the halls of Trnava University and Hviezda Cinema. Besides the strong experience from concerts from quality Slovak and foreign bands, which we organize on a high level with the use of professional sound and lighting equipment, we also offer plenty of space for friendly gatherings that add a family atmosphere and uniqueness to the festival atmosphere.


On the Trinity Square in Trnava have performed in addition to Slovak band also some from the USA, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, New Zealand, Australia or Canad. In recent years we welcomed such resounding names of the gospel music scene as  LZ7 (UK), Hillsong Young & Free (AU), Delirious? (UK), Third Day (USA), Switchfoot (USA), Newsboys (USA), The 29th Chapter (UK), Superchick (USA), Thebandwithnoname (UK), GK Real (UK), DJ Andy Hunter (UK), LEELAND (USA), Good Weather Forecast (DE) and many more….


The festival also includes a block of workshops and lectures on topics that are current among young people. We bring topics from the field of relationships, education, ecology, social life, and the like. Workshops and lectures offer the opportunity to gather new information, not in a superficial way, but with added value, whether with the current motto of the festival or with the personal experience of participants and lecturers. Over the past 29 years, visitors have had the opportunity to meet several interesting guests: Veronika Ostrihoň, Vladimír Krčméry, Max Kašparů, Daniel Pastirčák, Daniel Hevier, Michal Kaščák, Peter Dvorský, Štefan Hríb, Mária Čírová, Marián Čekovský, Daniel Lipšic, Jana Kirschner, Dano Dangl, Dano Bárta, Katarína Koščová, Veronika Remišová, Iveta Radičová, Miroslav Mikolášik, Ján Figeľ, Branislav Škripek, Branislav Jobus, Dominika Mirgová, Simona Martausová and priest Marián Kuffa or exorcist Solčiansky and others.


The main organizer of the festival is Domka – Association of Salesian Youth in cooperation with the Salesian Don Bosco and the co-organizer of the city of Trnava. Additional volunteers are gradually joining the organizing team that prepares the festival throughout the year. Together they form a 300-member “family”, which ensures the entire course of the festival. It is organized by young people for young people.


  • the best Slovak and very high-quality foreign, not just gospel bands from all over the world

    the joyful, friendly, family atmosphere that leaves a mark in the hearts

    music inspired by the ideas of the Christian message – gospel

    contemporary music styles (pop, rock, folk, dance, urban, worship, funky, gospel, etc.)

    Slovak and foreign performers

    interesting lectures and workshops that go in-depth

    meeting old and new friends and a space for new friendships